Állatkölykök és koncentráció

By | augusztus 22nd, 2016|Mini Reading|

Japanese study shows looking at cute pictures of baby animals can improve concentration. They may make you inadvertently and embarrassingly exclaim ‘awwwwwww’ – but it appears that cute [...]

Szövegértés haladóknak: Cool roof project

By | augusztus 17th, 2016|Mini Reading|

Today more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. By 2030 it will be 60%. Due to climate change the rise in temperatures and increasing [...]

The ‘Iron Lady’

By | augusztus 9th, 2016|Mini Reading|

Four years after missing the medal podium entirely in a bitterly disappointing London Olympics, Hungarian star Katinka Hosszu opened a redemptive Rio Games by dominating the 400-meter individual [...]

Születésnapok az Egyesült Államokban

By | augusztus 5th, 2016|Mini Reading|

Birthdays are celebrated in a variety of ways in the United States. A birthday is consider ed a special day for the birthday person, so the person [...]

Mini reading – Bear Grylls: katona, túlélő, hegymászó!

By | július 26th, 2016|Mini Reading|

The world’s most famous survivor is Bear Grylls. Many times, more than a million US viewers followed his adventures every week 2006-2011 on Discovery Channel. But what [...]

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