The world’s most famous survivor is Bear Grylls. Many times, more than a million US viewers followed his adventures every week 2006-2011 on Discovery Channel. But what else do we know about him besides he would be able to survive everywhere on Earth?

The little Bear (born Edward Michael Grylls) was only 8 years old when he decided that he would climb Mount Everest. He succeeded 15 years later, and at the age of only 23, he climbed the mountain. And by the way, at the age of 22, Bear climbed the 6858-meter high Mount Ama Dablam.

Bear also served in the British military, katonaság for three years. However, he was not simply a soldier: he served with the elite Special Air Service (SAS). By the time he started serving in the military, he had already been a Karate Black Belt. So, it was logical he would become a combat survivor instructor.

Bear is also a motivational speaker. He tells his audience how much his amazing feats (e.g. reaching the top of Mount Everest) contribute to bettering his personal and business life. Last but not least, he’ written 11 books so far about his amazing adventures, but we all hope we would see number 12 in the future!

Who would’ve thought that you could become a climber/soldier/motivational speaker/author/TV personality in the same life?