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Imprevo / Blog / Levélírás angolul: Job application
Levélírás angolul: Job application
Szerző: Tamas Dukai | Sep 26 2017 | 0 KOMMENT

Ez a feladat a 2013 májusi emelt szintű angol írásbeli vizsgán szerepelt. Először próbáld megoldani a feladatot, majd nézd meg az általunk írt megoldást.


You are studying at Westminster School of Business in London and you would like to find a job. You have read the following advertisement on the homepage of the school:

Library job for students

The position below is open only to current graduate and undergraduate students at Westminster. We are looking for a confident, patient, detail-oriented individual who can work in a dynamic environment within a well-defined range of duties.

Circulation Clerk

Description of duties:

  • Circulating library materials both online and manually
  • Sorting and re-shelving returned materials
  • Assisting the Collection Services Librarian and other library staff as needed

Job requirements:

  • Promptness and dependability a must
  • Ability to perform detailed tasks with and without supervision
  • A calm and friendly temperament is indispensable; good “people skills”
  • Ability to perform repetitive but essentiel tasks

Preferred skills:

  • Familiarity with computers and the Web

Interested? Send an e-mail to Anne Hill Collection Services Librarian: ahill@westminster.edu.com



Write an email of 120-150 words to Ms Hill in which you

  • apply for the job and say why you are interested,
  • say why you are the ideal candidate,
  • ask questions about working hours and payment.

Begin your email like this:

Dear Ms Hill,

Több mint 200 lecke kezdőtől a felsőfokig!


Dear Ms Hill,

I am writing to you in response to your advert for the position of circulation clerk at Westminster Library. I would like to express my interest in this position and assure you that I have all the skills and qualities to answer the needs of the institution you are running.

Being aware of the fact that you are looking for an individual who is both patient and detail-oriented, I would like the opportunity to demonstrate that these are some of my strongest qualities.

Besides my calm and highly detailed demeanor towards work, I am certain my organizational skills will be of great value as well, especially when it comes to the circulation of library materials, including the sorting and re-shelving of books.

These being said, I hereby place myself at your service. Looking forward to more details regarding the schedule and the corresponding remuneration.

Sincerely yours,


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