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Levélírás angolul: Válasz hirdetésre
Szerző: Tamas Dukai | Sep 09 2017 | 0 KOMMENT

Ez a feladat a 2014 májusi emelt szintű angol írásbeli vizsgán szerepelt. Először próbáld megoldani a feladatot, majd nézd meg az általunk írt megoldást. Ha gondolod, megoszthatod a megoldásodat kommentben.


You are spending a semester at McGill University, Canada. You are looking for a bike to use during your stay and have found the following small ad on the website of the university:

21 Speed bike for sale

Posted Thursday

21 speed road bike with specialized brand helmet, lock and mud guard.

Steve Logue



Write an e-mail of 50-80 words to Steve in which you

  • explain why you are writing
  • ask about the price and request some more information about the bike
  • enquire about seeing and trying out the bike

Begin your e-mail like this

Dear Steve,


Dear Steve,

I’ve come across your ad on the university website. I’m currently spending a semester at McGill myself, and I am interested in the bike you’re selling.

Could you provide any additional information about it? Is it custom-made or mass-produced? Also, how much is the price?

I’d like to see it and try it out, if possible. I’m currently on campus, so please contact me and let me know how we can meet.

Hope we can talk soon,


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